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Couples Massage

At Spirit and Body Massage, we are pleased to offer a great opportunity for couples, partners, friends or relatives to bond and relax together by experiencing a massage.  Our fully licensed Massage Therapists will work with both participants to ensure their physical and emotional needs are met during the visit. A couples massage is a perfect treat for Valentines Day, an Anniversary or birthday.  No need to wait for a special occasion to relax, unwind and pamper yourself and partner.

Both clients receive their massage in the same room at the same time – each client has their own therapist for focus on their specific needs, and massage can be catered to address individual needs such as chronic pain in a certain region.

Couples massage allows a less intimidating alternative to a traditional massage.  Having a trusted partner in the same room can help those receiving a professional massage for the first time feel more at ease, resulting in more positive massage experience.

Clients can talk to one another during the process, but some people prefer to remain quiet to enjoy full the physical sensation of the massage.  This shared experience enables bonding at a deeper level.

Please call Spirit and Body Massage at 928-533-9247 to book your appointment and don’t forget to bring a friend.

Online booking is now available.  Just select your duration and your desired appointment time.  When filling out your contact information, answer “YES – I am booking a couples massage.  One of our massage therapists will call and confirm your appointment.  It’s that easy.