Relaxation Massage for Wellbeing

Relaxation Massage for Wellbeing

Massage for Relaxation and Wellbeing is all about the art of relaxing.

Benefits of the following massages may include: Stress reduction, emotional balance, Improved circulation, Increased energy & Productivity. Invest in your well-being!

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Over time, the body builds up an unhealthy amount of stress hormones in response to work deadlines, traffic jams, relationship problems and more.  These hormones can cause physical problems, like digestive issues headaches and sleeplessness.  Our Relaxation Massage decreases the amount of stress hormones in the body, leaving our clients feeling completely relaxed and rested.  The techniques used during this massage trigger changes in the brain’s chemistry, resulting in reduced stress and an improved mood.

The Relaxation Process

During a massage session, our clients first lay on the massage table in a quiet and comforting environment.  Dim lighting and soft playing music contribute a peaceful atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for worries and stress to melt away.  Using his/her hands your therapist applies gentle pressure to the body, smoothly manipulating the muscle tissue.  The careful rubbing and kneading of the body’s outer tissue layers promotes complete relaxation of both the spirit and body.

Stress Relieving Massage

Stress relief is one of the most significant benefits of a Relaxation Massage. Reduced stress is an important component of a healthier lifestyle.  A one-hour massage session can reduce stress by lowering the heart rate. It can also educe levels of insulin and cortisol.

Relaxation Massage also improves blood circulation, leading to lower blood pressure and improved body functions.  The techniques used during a massage session facilitate blood flow through congested areas, releasing pressure and allowing new blood to flow through targeted areas.  When the muscles are gently pulled and squeezed, lactic acid is flushed from the muscles, which contributes to the improved function of the lymphatic system.  This system rids the body’s internal organs and muscles of metabolic waste, leading to better functioning and lower blood pressure.

The lowered blood pressure caused by regular massages can reduce one’s risk for developing anxiety, depression and hostile feelings, control stress hormone levels and lower the risk of having a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure.

Stress can cause muscle soreness, but massage relaxes the muscles and reduces pain.  Your therapist can remove tension from the muscles and increase flexibility.  The blood flow facilitated by massage also delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, leading to a reduction in pain, inflammation and stiffness.

Rejuvenation through Massage

Following a massage session, most guest report feeling not just relaxed but completely rejuvenated.  This feeling is attributed to the release of dopamine and serotonin during massage.  The hormones are responsible for happiness and feelings of overall wellbeing.  Studies show that during massage, activity in the brain’s left lobe is increased.  The left lobe is most active when people are happy and massage kicks that area of the brain into high gear.

Boosting the Immune System with Massage

Massage can boost the immune system by reducing the amount of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, released in the body.  Elevated levels of cortisol are a culprit of weight gain.  The hormone attacks the body’s defensive cells that kill off bacteria and viruses.  Massage decreases cortisol and therefore improves the functioning of the immune system.

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