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Pain Reduction Massage

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Sports Massage

A series of massage sessions really make the most sense for athletes in training.  Not only does it save money, but the results for the athlete are dramatically better with regular massage appointments.

Sports therapy is simply applied to athletic clients, according to what their tissues respond to. It often incorporates stretch and joint movements.  Sports Massage is a great addition to training, or any level of exercise, assisting muscle tissue to return to its neutral state.  Many clients report less soreness and improved range with fewer injuries.  Spirt and Body Massage offers pre-workout or pre-competition sessions that worm up the tissue and prepare it for endurance.

Pain Reduction Massage – Workplace Pain

Workplaces can often be quite dangerous especially the thousands of jobs that involve labor intensive tasks.  Despite using the recommended treatments, it can often takes months for injuries to heal.  Spirit and Body Massage can be a great natural treatment to speed up recovery times and give you back the gift of movement.

Spirit and Body Massage uses special techniques to stretch and lengthen joined tissue and muscle to lower pain.  Pain Reduction Massage has many benefits.  It reduces pain, improves nerve and blood circulation, and increases the rate of recovery.  Most important, clients feel an improvement of injured muscles and bones caused by workplace injuries.  Regular massage is important after enduring a severe injury and sustaining a good working recovery regime.

Pain Reduction Bodywork – Auto Accident Injury

Whiplash is very common after a car accident, and it “sneaks up on you”.  Many people feel like they are “just fine” after a car accident only to feel odd pains weeks later. Painful whiplash symptoms include back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, shoulder pain and hip pain.  Unrelieved pain may cause insomnia, lack of appetite, fatigue and other ailments.

The first session after a car accident, within 48 hours, will be very light and relaxing.  Spirit & Body Massage recommends a series of massage sessions in order to relax the shocked muscles, allowing deeper bodywork.

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