Zen Hot Stone Massage

Zen Hot Stone Massage

Experience warmth that touches the soul with our 90 minute full body “ZEN” Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stones Spirit & Body Massage warms over 60 Basalt stones to the perfect temperature, usually between 140-150 degrees. The volcanic rock retains heat for a long period, allowing warmth to penetrate deep into the muscles.

Hot Stone Placement Your trained therapist strategically places the stones on pressure points to maximize relaxation and release muscle tension. Enjoy warmth along your spine, neck, face, scalp, legs, arms, feet and hands – even between the fingers and toes.

Massage Techniques Once the stones are placed, the ZEN begins. You will experience a light-medium Swedish massage. Enjoy massage strokes that are long & flowing, circular and focused, slow and rhythmic. Using oil and stone, we will strive to bring deep relaxation and relief from achy joints and muscles.

Benefits: After 90 minutes of our signature “Zen” Hot Stone Massage, you should feel relaxed, recharged, and renewed. Hot Stone Massage benefits include the following:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Released of muscle tension
  • Soothed achy joints
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep patterns and alertness
  • Improvement of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms