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Robert Morris - LMT - Massage Therapist Prescott ValleyRobert Morris, LMT   #MT22220

Robert is a Massage Therapist, licensed by the State of Arizona since March of 2016.  He graduated with honors from Arizona School of Integrative Studies, here in Prescott Arizona.

He entered the workforce right after being licensed, but is now focusing his energy to private practice.

Robert’s goal is to help you relax your Spirit & Body by providing a relaxing, therapeutic massage. He has developed a touch that is difficult to find.  Robert’s approach to bodywork is genuine as he concentrates on each individual’s unique needs. His instinctive touch relieves pain while calming the mind.

Robert is listed as a Licensed Massage Therapist working in Prescott Valley on many online directories that post client reviews. He was also recently featured in the Prescott Valley Tribune.

Jedidiah Garasha, LMT #25190

Hello my name is Jedidiah and I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona. I completed my schooling at the Arizona School of Integrative studies (ASIS) in Az. I have a strong passion for this field of work and believe a healthy body brings a healthy mind. I have lived in the Prescott area for over 20 years and I enjoy the events and recreational activities this beautiful town has to offer. Mountain biking and hiking are just two of my main passions and when I’m not out on the trails you can find me at the gym. I hope to see you at spirit and body.

Leslie Daniels, LMT #25287

Leslie was born and raised in Arizona. After receiving a B.A. in Art History and an M.A. in English, she changed direction towards more heart-fulfilling work in childcare and, later, outdoor youth education. Most recently, she has pursued education in the healing arts as a student of integrative Massage Therapy. Her interest in becoming an LMT stemmed from her passions for Yoga, Qi Gong and other practices that bring body, mind and spirit together in balance. Leslie‘s philosophy is that a body worker simply reminds the body of the optimal state it innately knows how to express.

Linda Morris, LMT #25338

While studying at ASIS Massage school, I have begun to see the body very differently.  My body is not just a casing that I force to do daily tasks – something that I get angry at for aches, pains, and miscellaneous limitations.  Instead, I have learned to appreciate the many systems inside my body that allow me to function and LIVE!  As a massage therapist, I encourage my clients to embrace their body, and thank it for all that it does.  I believe that each body has its own story to tell.   My intention is to safely address your body with the appropriate modalities while listening with sincerity and integrity. Through touch, I can help reverse the negative effects of stress, damaged muscle tissue, and pain.